About your safety on and

    TDC wants to offer you a manageable and user-friendly homepage with offers and information relevant to you.

    For that purpose, we use technologies for collecting, dealing and sorting of information about how you and other users use our homepage.

    We collect information by means of different kinds of cookies and via your computer IP address.

    Securing your personal data when you visit our homepage is an important part of our customer policy. And we observe all the provisions of the Danish Act on the Processing of Personal Data (Persondataloven), so you can feel safe surfing and

    What is a cookie?

    A cookie is a small information file which a homepage saves permanently on your computer’s hard disk. The cookie makes the homepage recognizable on your computer and is used to improve user-friendliness.

    Another type is session cookies. They are saved temporarily on your computer when you visit our homepage, but disappear when you close down the page. It means that they are not saved permanently on your hard disk.

    Most companies use cookies on their homepages to improve user-friendliness.

    How does TDC use the non-personal information from cookies?

    We use the non-personal information from cookies for statistical purposes and to make our homepage more user-friendly.

    We use the information that we get from cookies to check how many visitors we get, and how they surf on our homepage. We can check which homepages visitors come from, and we can se when, how long and how they use the information on our homepage.

    This provides us with information concerning which pages function and which pages we must change.

    If you have purchased goods via our website, the cleansed data may be used in large-scale surveys or analyses on e.g. visitors’ purchasing habits. Information about your specific purchase will not be used separately in relation to you as a person.

    The surveys will be performed by us or by one of our cooperation partners.

    Can I deselect cookies?

    If you would like to know when your computer receives a cookie, you can set your browser to inform you when it receives a cookie. This way, you may select or reject a cookie. You can also set your computer to reject all cookies entirely.

    You need to be aware, however, that any changes in your browser may prevent the facilities on our website from working properly.

    If you are not interested in visiting a website that uses cookies, even if you aware of the security provided, you may close it down.

    Does TDC use information about my IP address?

    Even if you have decided to reject cookies, most websites are able to record your visit via your IP address. An IP address is a numeric value, which automatically identifies your computer when you are on the Internet.

    TDC uses your IP address for statistical purposes and to target our advertising on the site. Your IP address indicates if you are a customer at TDC since we are able to see if your IP address has been assigned by TDC. We use this information to target our advertising on and

    When do I need to use personal information?

    When you want to change your subscription, add or cancel add-on products etc., you may be requested to state your cell phone number and account number.

    Personal information ensures that our system links you to the correct data about your subscription, consumption etc.

    We do not use the information for any other purposes.

    Cooperation partners

    TDC cooperates with a number of partners with the purpose of gathering information about the use of TDC’s websites. Data are gathered for statistical purposes only.

    For example, one of our cooperation partners counts the number of visits to on a weekly basis.

    When you visit TDC’s websites, you may receive cookies from the following cooperation partners: Instadia, TNS Metrix, Bransholm & Blæsbjerg, Adpepper, Adform, Adfair, MM Medier, Retail Internet,, and Tradedoubler.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions

    If you want further information about your personal security and rights as an Internet user, you can contact the National Consumer Council or visit

    If you have any other questions or comments concerning your visit to TDC’s website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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