”For TDC, 2009 has been a year of strong performance, increased strategic focus and ongoing business transformation”

In the years to come, TDC will continue to push the technological boundaries to benefit our residential and corporate customers and society at large.

Today, following its ongoing succesful transformation in recent years, TDC stands out as one of the most focused, efficient and competitive of all the European incumbents.

Letter from the CEO 


Henrik Poulsen
Financial highlights for the year

Improved revenue trend and strong earnings and cash-flow performance were achieved despite a difficult macroeconomic environment. Cash flow from operating activities rose by 48.2% or DKK 3,456m, while operating free cash flow increased by 23.3% or DKK 1,665m.

Highlights of the year

Highlights of 2009

By year-end 2009, the TDC Group had 8.6m domestic customers, with an additional 2.9m customers in Switzerland and 0.2m customers in TDC Nordic. In total, TDC's customer base rose to 11.7m, up 4.6% compared with 2008.

The domestic customer base totaled 8.6m, up 0.5m or 6.1%, compared with 2008.

Business activities 
TDC at a glance
TDC's transformation since 2005

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